The Must-Have
HVAC Tool:

Cuts Motor Shafts
in Seconds!

Time is money in the HVAC business. Too much of both are lost during motor replacements in a squirrel cage blower.

A motor shaft that extends too far or is stuck on the hub makes removing the blower motor from the squirrel cage a frustrating battle. The shaft must be cut, and that’s not easy within the confined space inside the blower wheel. It can take long, tedious minutes or even hours to cut the shaft without damaging the wheel.

The Shaft Blaster solves this problem. It safely cuts motor shafts in squirrel cage blowers and condenser fans in about 20 seconds: compared to about 45 minutes using the old methods!

Top 3 Reasons Every HVAC Service Truck Needs a Shaft Blaster

Time = Money:

If you flat rate repair service work, the Shaft Blaster could pay for itself on the first use.

Labor Saver:

No more tedious, frustrating hours spent cutting motor shafts in squirrel cage blowers and condenser fans.

Money Making Tool:

Hours saved means you can take more service calls.

Here’s how the Shaft Blaster cuts squirrel cage blower and condenser fan motor shafts in three easy steps.

Slide the Shaft Blaster over the motor shaft. Tighten the thumb screw.

Attach the Shaft Blaster spindle to any power drill.

Begin cutting with ease! Start the drill and apply pressure to cut the shaft.

Note: Always use PPE.

Invented by an HVAC Professional, for HVAC Professionals

Shaft Blaster inventor Bob Blasi has been in the HVAC business for over 35 years.

As an HVAC field technician, Bob experienced firsthand the frustration of blower motor and condenser fan motor replacements. Cutting the motor shafts took hours that he could have spent on other service calls. Later, as a manager and then owner, Bob saw his HVAC technicians struggling with the same problem. He also saw how all those lost hours affected the bottom line.

Bob searched for a tool that would solve this problem, and was frustrated to discover that it simply didn’t exist. So, in the grand American tradition, he invented it himself!

Bob drew up plans, fabricated and tested the first prototype, and it worked perfectly: cutting off a shaft in 20 seconds! Within 10 months, the patents, trademarks, engineering and fabrication were all in place.

Today, the Shaft Blaster is available to help HVAC companies everywhere save time and money.


Q: Why do I need this HVAC tool?
A: It makes doing motor replacements in a squirrel cage blower or replacing a condenser fan motor much quicker and easier. It is much easier to use a hub puller after using this device.
Q: Why should I own this HVAC tool? What value do I get out of this?
A: It saves hours on end. If you are an HVAC technician or HVAC business owner, you know it is all about labor and getting an extra service call or two in the day. If you flat rate repair service work, the device could pay for itself the first time.
Q: Can this HVAC tool be used for other things than cutting motor shafts?
A: Yes! You can cut off bolts, threaded rods, and any shaft that you want to have a perfect 90 degree precision cut!
Q: What kind of warranty does the Shaft Blaster have?
A: One year from purchase (less cutter disk) under normal operating conditions.

In HVAC, Time = Money. Get More of Both With the Shaft Blaster.


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