The Labor Saving, Money Making HVAC Tool:

Separates Fan/Blower Hubs from Motor Shafts in Seconds

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Time = Money

If you provide service work at a flat rate, the HubBlaster could pay for itself within the first use.

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Labor Saver

No more tedious frustrating hours spent fulling hubs, squirrel-cage blowers and condenser fans.

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Money Making Tool

Hours saved using the HubBlaster means you can take more service calls and make more money!


  1. Remove Shaft set screw
  2. Remove all motor mounting bolts
  3. Determine hub size and select proper plastic centering bushing
  4. Place centering bushing inside of locking hub adaptor
  1. Place hub adaptor over hub and tighten set screws
  2. Place hub puller over adaptor and turn clockwise to lock
  3. Attach drill/impact driver to shaft
  4. Engage drill/impact driver clockwise to pull hub


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